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Michelin Star Chefs   

The first Michelin Guide was compiled in 1900 by Michelin Tire founders and French industrialist brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin. The guide was halted at the outbreak of World War I in 1914, but by 1920 it was back in publication. The first Michelin Star ratings were given in 1926. The restaurants, all of which were in France, were awarded a single star if they were deemed a “fine dining establishment.”

In 1931, the rating system expanded to become the 3 Michelin stars. To win or receive a Michelin star you have to invite the Michelin Guide organization to complete an inspection of your restaurant/hotel. The inspectors will come anonymous and without notice.

There are no strict criteria or check list to follow to win a star, however if you follow some straightforward culinary principles and discipline you are in with a chance. 1 to 3 Michelin stars are awarded (if worthy). Below are some simple guidelines but not limited to:

  • Using only the best quality ingredients.
  • High-end dishes with perfect plating.
  • Best technical skills and staff back of house and front of house.
  • A menu that is full of personality and creation.
  • Consistency in quality throughout the year and every dish.
  • Work environment and customer feedback.

Check out the reviews and winners of Michelin Star.

The Michelin Star is the highest honour a chef and a restaurant can receive.  

List of Top Michelin Star Holders

1. Alain Ducasse 17

2. Pierre Gagnaire 14

3. Martin Berasategui 12

4. Yannick Alléno10

5. Anne-Sophie Pic 8

6. Gordon Ramsay 7

7. Thomas Keller 7

8. Yoshihiro Murata 7

9. Seiji Yamamoto 7

10. Andreas Caminada 7

11. Carme Ruscalleda  7

12. Heston Blumenthal 6

13. Masahiro Yoshitake 6

14. Heinz Beck 5

15. Jordi Cruz 5

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